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Looking for a Reliable Welder in Hayward, CA? You’re in the Right Place!

Perhaps you’re managing a manufacturing plant and need help with the upkeep of your machines. Or maybe you want to replace your gate and fence with metal ones and are looking for metal fabricators who can assist you. Either way, JM Welding Repair Solution Inc should be your first port of call! We are based in Hayward, CA, and we provide top-tier welding and fabrication services to our customers. Schedule an appointment with our team now!

What We Offer

Welding Repairs

Welding Repairs
Our team can work on all types of welding repair tasks, and we consistently deliver exceptional and timely results. Whether you need help with fixing a damaged debris container or you want to hire welders who can repair excavators and other heavy equipment, you won't go wrong with choosing our team.

Line Boring

Line Boring
If your machines are showing signs of wear and tear and you're looking for experts who can realign the bores in your equipment, we're the right team to call. We have extensive experience in line boring, and we have portable boring machines that allow us to perform accurate machining tasks on site.

Gate Fabrication

Gate Fabrication
One of our specialties is fabricating durable and attractive metal gates for our customers' property. We'll design the perfect gate that will boost your property's curb appeal and last for years, and we'll bring the design to life using top-of-the-line materials. Hire our gate fabrication experts today!

Fence Fabrication

Fence Fabrication
Having sturdy and long-lasting fences is key to securing your property and keeping out unauthorized people. The good news is that setting up the ideal fence can be easy if you'll hire our welders. If you'd like to have a durable welded wire fence around your property, schedule an appointment with us now!

Why Hiring Professional Welders Is Always a Good Idea

The success of welding projects depends greatly on who’s working on them. Because of this, it’s highly recommended to hire a trusted welder with years of experience in the industry as well as intensive training under their belt. By doing so, you’re assured that your project will be in good hands and that it will be successfully completed, and you can be confident that you’ll get quality results along with great value for money. You’ll also save time and effort since your welders will handle each phase of your project, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Modern Welding Equipment and Techniques

At JM Welding Repair Solution Inc, we use advanced methods to complete all welding projects according to industry standards and deliver world-class results to our customers. We’ve also invested in state-of-the-art machines that make the welding process safer and easier and help us finish every project within the shortest possible time — without compromising on quality and excellence! For fabrication projects, our welders use top-notch materials to create durable gates and fences that will add value to our customers’ properties and can stand the test of time.

JM Welding Repair Solution Inc is the right welding shop to approach in Hayward, CA if you need help with line boring or any other project. Get in touch with us today!

Client Testimonials

by Doug Patterson on JM Welding Repair Solution Inc
They Did an Excellent Job

I was looking for a welding shop that could help me with my project and I found this one. Their welders did an excellent job and I am very grateful for their assistance. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

JM Welding Repair Solution Inc
Hayward, CA 94545
Phone: (510) 721-3461

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